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April 03, 2019

Since my last entry, I've completed all Watch & Code exercises related to the Todo list MVC app.

I've also started to work through Jonas Schmedtmann's Build Responsive Real World Websites Udemy course. Why? To take a break from working with just JS and refresh my HTML/CSS skills.

I'm definitely a bit rusty with CSS, but it feels good to work on visual stuff after focusing on just JS all month.


CSS Inheritance: child elements inherit their styles from parent elements, unless we override their styles

CSS Box Model:

  • Content: text, images, etc.
  • Padding: transparent area around the content, inside of the border
  • Border: goes around the padding and the content
  • Margin: space outside the border and between other boxes

Changing the height and width of block elements sets just the content box dimensions. But this can be changed to include the padding and border by setting box-sizing: border-box;

Block elements use the full width of the browser and force line breaks.

Inline elements stay in the same line. You cannot set their height of width. (But you can set display: inline-block to override this.)

Relative positioning: when an elements positioning on the webpage is determined by other elements.

Absolute positioning: elements with absolute positioning can be positioned anywhere within a parent element.

I also have a bunch of notes on best practices for web design, regarding: typography, colors, images, icons, spacing & layout, and UX. However, they were mostly copied almost word-for-word from Jonass course so not going to post it here.

My favorite section so far has been his steps/process to creating a fully functional website, starting with project goals and ending with site maintenance.

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