Build Responsive Real World Websites [Course Review]

April 11, 2019

Finished Jonas Schmedtmann's Build Responsive Real World Websites course yesterday.

Final code (without Google analytics):

I didn't expect to learn many new concepts going into the course, given that I was already familiar with HTML/CSS and basic web design concepts. I bought it mainly for review and to take a break from focusing on JavaScript.

However, I learned a ton and picked up a bunch of design techniques that'll come in very handy in future projects.

Jonas covers a lot of topics in the course, such as:

  • Setting up Brackets (along with useful extensions)
  • HTML basics
  • CSS basics (box model, positioning, classes & IDs)
  • Web design fundamentals (typography, color, images, icons, spacing, and layout)
  • 7 steps to a fully functional website (starting from scratch)
  • Building the site (the bulk of course content)
  • Responsive design via media queries
  • Cool effects via jQuery (sticky nav, smooth scrolling, animations on scroll)
  • Site optimization (site speed, SEO, Google Analytics)

My favorite part of the course was his 7 step process to a fully functional website, which are:

  1. Define your project (goal, audience)
  2. Plan out everything (content, media, visual hierarchy, site structure, navigation)
  3. Sketch out ideas
  4. Design & Develop
  5. Site optimization
  6. Launch
  7. Site maintenance (monitor users' behavior and tweak)

I also liked how he organized his CSS code into different sections and subsections to make all the selectors & rules easy to navigate and edit.

The only critique I have is I wish he'd covered CSS Flexbox and Grid rather than floats, given that they're the preferred choice nowadays. However, it seems Jonas released the course a few years back when they weren't as viable as they are now. And it looks like he has a separate course called Advanced CSS and SASS which covers these systems.

Overall a great learning experience and highly recommended!

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