Finishing Up W&C Reading Section

March 21, 2019

I spent the last few days continuing to read through the source code for this app (

I paused throughout the lessons numerous times to re-trigger different breakpoints in the debugger. There were moments where I got stuck but eventually figured it out through repetition and examination.

Today's exercise was to go through app.js line by line and write comments in plain English explaining what's going on.

I'm not fully comfortable with Handlebars.js syntax or Chrome local storage yet, so I'll review again tomorrow and finish up the commenting after.

Random notes:

When using jQuery, this in event handlers refers to the element that the event was triggered on (as a jQuery default). You want to manually set the value using .bind( ) if you want to set it to a different value.

Routing is the process of determining what code to run when a URL is requested.

Having /#/ in the URL prevents a page request/refresh

Templating is a combination of data and layout, where both are kept separate. It's usually used to format repeating items (eg. generating <li> elements from an array of objects)

Almost any app is going to use some templating library, so it's a good idea to get used to reading the docs.

Chrome local storage can be accessed via the console under the Application tab under Storage -> Local Storage.

localStorage can only store data as strings. Hence the need for JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse()

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