JavaScript Review

March 01, 2019

This time around I've decided to pursue a more linear path and stick to one resource for as long as possible rather than jumping from course to course.

The resource I chose is Gordon Zhu's Watch and Code.

I started going through his free Practical JavaScript course today. Most of it so far is stuff I knew already but its been a good refresher. I like his teaching style, and will likely end up subscribing to his premium content.

Some notes:

Every application (Eg. Google, Amazon, Twitter, E-mail) can be thought of as a todo list. A list you can add to, toggle, edit, and delete.

An Array can be thought of as the real-life equivalent of a list.

Array.push(<item(s)>) is a JS method that lets you add an item to the end of the array.

Array.splice(<start>,<delete count>) is a JS method that lets you delete a specified number of items starting from the specified index.

Functions are just recipes. The point of a function is to save time -- it can take a long list of instructions and distill them into a single command.

On parameters vs arguments: Parameters are like parking spots - Arguments are like automobiles

Console tip:
Pressing the up arrow in Google console brings up previous commands

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