Practical JavaScript Day 3

March 03, 2019

Spent another couple of hours on Gordon Zhu's Practical JavaScript Course.

Took a bit longer today to get through the lessons. I paused after seeing the requirements (i.e. features) and tried to code my own solutions before seeing how he did it.

Also spent some time going through each line of code and writing comments explaining what is actually going on.

Other than an extra variable in the version 6 lessons, my code was pretty similar to his and fully functional.

Glad to see that I've retained much of my knowledge from 2017.

Looking forward to finishing this course asap and diving into his paid material to learn new things.

You use a forloop when you need to repeat a block of code for a number of times.

for( [initialization] ; [condition]; [final-expression] ) {
  // do stuff here until the condition evaluates to false 
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