The Debugger & Getting Inputs

March 05, 2019

Today's Practical JavaScript lessons covered the Chrome debugger and getting user input data.


Debugging is the process of going through your code and fixing mistakes.

The debugger; statement pauses your program at that point in your code.

Step over next function call skips to the next line.

Step into function call goes into the code block of the highlighted function.

The debugger is the most important weapon you have when programming. It helps you solve problems if you have a bug in your code and gives you full visibility into what the program is doing.

Refactoring is the process of restructuring existing code without changing its external behavior.

When getting user input as a number, use .valueAsNumber rather than .value

74% done with Practical Javascript now. I really liked the debugger section something I overlooked and didnt use much in the past.

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